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Bob Mould Likes Rock 'N' Roll Again

Although it had no influence on his decision to retire from rock music in 1998, alternative god Bob Mould (ex Hüsker Dü) made it pretty clear that he was disgusted with the sad state of the whole scene when he left.

Seven years and two electronic-flavoured albums later (Modulate and the Loud Bomb project), Mould has returned with a new guitar-driven album, Body Of Song, he's on the road with a band and it's not just his opinion of his own rock music that's changed. The man who wrote "I Hate Alternative Rock" almost a decade ago likes the new direction that the genre's taking.

"I think it's a whole sight better. In the '90s, I think once Nirvana became popular, that seemed to be the template for everything for the next six to eight years and it wore out pretty quickly.

I think a lot of the things that are happening now are influenced by a different time and place, namely the spring of 1980," he laughs before continuing. "It's a little more refreshing and I think a lot of the new stuff, it's a little more innovative. I think the fact that, especially in the past couple years, people have warmed up to the idea of integrating electronics more in with guitars, I think that's helped add a lot of variety and a lot of newness to the sound. Yes, I think things are in a lot better shape."

The respect seems to be mutual as a number of newer artists have been discussing Mould's influence on their own music and turning their fans on to his body of work.

"I think there's people that are coming because of the name-dropping, whether it's Green Day or Foo Fighters or whoever it is that mentions that," he says. "I think those people come for the curiosity factor, which is nice."

But that doesn't mean that his longtime fans have turned away.

"It's a lot of the familiar faces," he says of crowds on his current North American tour. "There's a handful of people from the Husker Du days, there's a lot of people that got on at Workbook and there's a lot of Sugar fans and some of the newer people that got into Modulate. The set list is pretty deep and pretty well-rounded, so I think everybody's been walking away pretty happy from the shows."

And the fans aren't the only ones who are happy with this return to rock. Bob Mould seems to be enjoying himself, too.

"Seven years ago, I really didn't see myself doing this again and sometimes I'm not sure why I'm doing it this time," he admits. "But it pretty sure is fun."

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Surviving Germs Reuniting For Shows

Seminal Los Angeles punk act the Germs will perform for the first time in nearly 25 years next month, with actor Shane West assuming the lead singer role previously filled by the late Darby Crash. As previously reported, West is portraying Crash in the biopic "What We Do Is Secret," which is due for release next year.

The Germs will be joined at the Oct. 29 show at Los Angeles' Grand Olympic Ballroom by Suicidal Tendencies, the Dead Kennedys, Marky Ramone and Flipper. The venue was a haven for formative punk shows in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The surviving members of the Germs (guitarist Pat Smear, bassist Lorna Doom and drummer Don Bolles) have not performed together since Dec. 3, 1990. All three served as consultants on "What We Do Is Secret," which will feature a mix of original Germs music and versions performed by the actors portraying the band members.

"[West] got so close to being Darby that it actually freaked out a lot of the scenesters that came by the set," director Rodger Grossman recently told "He committed to doing this role in a way that I've never seen an actor commit to do anything. He read all the books that Darby read. He got blue contacts and prosthetic teeth permanently affixed to his, which had to be 'chipped out' so his teeth were more like Darby's."

According to a statement, the Germs plan to tour the United States and Europe in the months ahead. Already confirmed is a performance during Riot Fest 2005, scheduled for Nov. 4-5 in Chicago, as well as a Nov. 25 date at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Calif.

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System Of A Down singer heads to Congress

Serj Tankian tries to push Armenian Genocide Resolution to vote

System Of A Down singer Serj Tankian took part in a rally earlier this week to convince Congress to bring an Armenian Genocide Resolution to a vote.

The frontman joined members of the Armenian National Committee of America, the Armenian Youth Federation and his own Axis Of Justice organisation outside Congressman Dennis Hastert's office in Batavia, Illinois on Tuesday (September 27).

Tankian then read a heartfelt letter which was delivered to Hastert's office in support of the pending legislation, which would officially recognise Turkey's alleged slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and 1923.

According, to MTV News, the singer took part in the rally after promising his 97-year-old grandfather he would do his best to convince Hastert to bring the Armenian Genocide Resolution to vote.

The resolution passed the bipartisan International Relations Committee and now Hastert can either bring it to the House Of Representatives for a vote or let it expire.

Tankian said: "It's all in his hands, he's the man. The thing is that a similar resolution was going around in 2000 as well and he was the speaker of the House then, but at the time (President Bill) Clinton had written a letter asking him not to bring it up to vote, citing concerns that had to do with Turkey. In 2004 he also had the opportunity to bring another resolution to vote on ... and that didn't happen either."

He added: "I'm sure that there's a lot of lobbying going on from the Bush administration, from the military-industrial complex that sells a lot of weapons to Turkey, and a whole host of corporate lobbyist firms that don't want this thing to pass, but the truth has to come out, and more so in a democracy than anywhere else. So we're fighting the good fight."

Hastert has not yet commented on the issue.

System Of A Down release 'Hypnotize' - the second part of their 'Mesmerize'/'Hypnotize' two disc set - on November 21.

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Genesis Go "Platinum"

Pop mega-group surveys thirty-year career, plans online bootleg series

Genesis sold 21.5 million albums in America during a thirty-year career, before quietly calling it quits in 1998, not long after frontman Phil Collins' departure. With the release of the new three-CD compilation, The Platinum Collection, Genesis trace their extensive journey from art rockers to hitmakers.

The Platinum Collection moves backwards in time -- starting with the 1991 single "No Son of Mine" and ending with "The Knife," off of 1970's Trespass, the second album by the Peter Gabriel-fronted Genesis. "Originally, it went from beginning to end," says guitarist Mike Rutherford. "But, with the early albums' sound quality, it was a little tough for the listener. So we start with the better-sounding stuff and end with the earlier stuff."

The band plans to dust off some early live recordings for release as a bootleg series, possibly through its Web site. "These are raw recordings, and I like that," Rutherford says. "If someone makes a mistake or messes up, it's just part of the evening."

The members of Genesis have had considerable success outside the group: During his tenure, Collins racked up two Number One solo albums before becoming an Oscar-winning composer; Gabriel, who split in 1975, has had a similarly successful solo career, selling more than 10 million albums in the U.S; and Rutherford scored hits with two different singers (Paul Carrack and Paul Young) for his Mike and the Mechanics side project. However, after Collins' departure, the future of Genesis became uncertain, with former Stiltskin singer Ray Wilson taking over the mike. The final incarnation of the group did not exactly set fire to the charts, or the box office.

While the Collins-helmed Genesis have not toured in thirteen years, they have performed together -- in more intimate settings. "We played Peter's wedding and his fiftieth birthday party, and Phil's wedding," Rutherford says with a laugh. "We did a very bad version of that 'Tequila' song."

Rutherford remains optimistic that Genesis may one day follow Cream and the Pixies, as a long-dormant band that suddenly comes bursting back to life. "We talk about it," he says. (In 2000, Collins said of Genesis in an interview, "I would definitely see us doing something together again.") But Collins, currently on break from his First Final Farewell Tour, is now busy adapting his soundtrack to Disney's animated film Tarzan into a Broadway play.

"Phil's committed through May," says Rutherford. "We haven't made any plans. But never say never."

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Coldplay joined by Michael Stipe

The REM frontman duets with Chris Martin

Coldplay were joined by Michael Stipe at their show in Atlanta last night (September 28).

The REM frontman duetted with Chris Martin onstage at the Philips Arena for a rendition of the track 'Nightswimming'.

Introducing Stipe, Martin told the crowd that the last time Coldplay played Atlanta they were joined by Elton John on piano and they wanted to do something to top that.

One fan told NME.COM: "Stipe got a huge standing ovation, and they couldn't start the song for a minute or so because it was so loud. It was unbelievable."

Earlier in the show, Martin worked in references to Outkast and REM during 'Politik' and played a few bars of REM's 'Perfect Circle' in between songs.

Before launching into the band's untitled Johnny Cash tribute song - which was merged with 'Ring Of Fire' - the Coldplay frontman said that Cash was one of the great American singers, alongside Bob Dylan and Stipe.

Coldplay rounded off the night with 'In My Place' and 'Fix You'.

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Blur reveal new album plans

And there's a change of direction in store
Blur are to record their "basic" new album as a three piece after Graham Coxon decided to continue as a solo artist.
Singer Damon Albarn has revealed that with no sign of Coxon rejoining his old band, Blur will record the follow-up to 'Think Tank' without an additional guitarist. As a result, the sound will be completely different.

"There is a Blur record at the moment but it's very basic," explained Albarn of the album, which could be out next year. "The reason why it's so basic is we decided that if we're going to make another record it's just got to be the three of us and I've got to play guitar. And because I'm such a rudimentary guitarist it has to be really stupid and basic punk rock."

However Blur and Gorillaz are not Albarn's only projects as he confirmed he is currently working on his first solo album - and like his previous side project 'Mali Music' it will have a global element.

"I'm halfway through a record that I started in Nigeria last year," said the Blur frontman. "I suppose will end up being my first solo record, although I hate the term 'solo record'."

Speaking to Hong Kong radio station RTHK3 shortly after Gorillaz completed their War Child track in the city, Albarn added that although Gorillaz are about to reveal their human forms with their five night November residency in Manchester, becoming an animation was been a good career move.

"We wouldn't be as successful as we are in America if we weren't a cartoon band," he declared. "You can't be white and from London and produce hip hop - it's illegal actually, in America."

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Static-X's Eisen Guilty

Band's former guitarist admits to sex with minor, will serve at least one year

Former Static-X and Dope guitarist Tripp Eisen has pled guilty to having oral sex with a minor and will serve one year in California State prison on that charge. On October 7th Eisen, born Tod Rex Salvador, will face another series of sex-related charges when arraigned before a trial judge in New Jersey.

According to Orange County Superior Court manager Gai Spickard, on June 24th Eisen accepted a plea bargain in California for "having oral sex with a person younger than fourteen years old and more than ten years younger than him," stemming from a February arrest. A date for his incarceration has yet to be set. At the time of his arrest, the guitarist posted $100,000 bail, but a woman then notified police that Eisen, posing as his own impersonator, had sexual intercourse with her fourteen-year-old daughter in January in an Old Bridge, New Jersey, parking lot. (An extradition charge filed by the State of New Jersey against Eisen was dismissed on September 19th.)

Eisen is currently being held in Middlesex County, New Jersey, in anticipation of his October 7th court date, according to state judiciary director of communications Winnie Comfort. He was indicted by a grand jury in June on charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, enticing a minor and endangering the welfare of a child.

At the time of Eisen's arrests, Static-X were recording Start a War. The band enlisted its former guitarist, Koichi Fukuda, as Eisen's replacement, and released the album in June.

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Killers End the "Fuss"

Las Vegas rockers launch final trek behind debut, ready follow-up

After a final stint in support of their multiplatinum debut album, Hot Fuss, Las Vegas synth rockers the Killers will polish off work on their next effort, due "no later than June," according to frontman Brandon Flowers.

The band -- Flowers, guitarist David Keuning, bassist Mark Stoermer and drummer Ronnie Vannucci -- has almost a dozen songs to choose from, including "Higher and Higher," which Flowers says is their follow-up to "All These Things That I've Done," and "The Natural," packed with sevenths chords.

"There's a couple of Beatles songs that are all sevenths chords," says Flowers. "It just makes it feel so different -- almost like a Bee Gees feel. [In 'The Natural,'] we sing about the ocean and things, but it's dark. It's like the beach meets Nick Cave."

The outfit has also been rehearsing "Where the White Boys Dance," which, unlike other new material, they've yet to test live. "We're holding on to it," says Flowers. "It's our ace in the hole. It's a pop song, but when you hear it, it makes you feel dirty. Everybody's going to love it."

With plans to hit the studio in January, the four-piece first needs to narrow down their lengthy list of production candidates. "We have too many," Flowers says of their choices of producers. "If we could make another record like the first one, then I think it would be successful. But I want to get a producer who will mess with the parts, somebody with different ideas on how to arrange it. We've already proven that we can write a perfect pop song, but I admire bands like the Talking Heads for having hits that are still pop and rock, but out of the norm."

In the meantime, the Killers will kick off their last Hot Fuss trek tonight at the Borgata in Atlantic City. After fifteen months on the road supporting the release -- which spawned the hits "Somebody Told Me" and "All These Things That I've Done" -- the band still has a few tricks up its sleeve. "We're going to up the ante on production," says Flowers. "And we've never done [the album closer] 'Everything Will Be Alright' live, so we might do that. Nobody seems to know it, but I think it's one of our best songs."

The Killers tour dates:

9/29: Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Hotel Casino
9/30: Wantagh, NY, Jones Beach
10/1: Staten Island, NY, Richmond Co. Bank Ballpark (Across the Narrows Festival)
10/6: Long Beach, CA, Long Beach Arena
10/7: Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel
10/8: Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheatre (Download Festival)
10/12: Seattle, Key Arena
10/13: Vancouver, PNE Pacific Coliseum
9/29: Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Hotel Casino
9/30: Wantagh, NY, Jones Beach
10/1: Staten Island, NY, Richmond Co. Bank Ballpark (Across the Narrows Festival)
10/6: Long Beach, CA, Long Beach Arena
10/7: Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel
10/8: Mountain View, Shoreline Amphitheatre (Download Festival)
10/12: Seattle, Key Arena
10/13: Vancouver, PNE Pacific Coliseum

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White Stripes Teaming With Lego-Lovin' Michel Gondry Again

'Denial Twist' clip will be surreal look at a day in their life.

The White Stripes are reuniting with director Michel Gondry, and to celebrate, they've assembled a crew of characters that's, well, pretty darn Gondry-esque.

A cast of little people, giants, roadies, stagehands and one solitary Conan O'Brien will join the
Stripes in their Gondry-helmed video for the song "The Denial Twist." It's the first collaboration between the band and the French auteur since 2003's "The Hardest Button to Button" (see "The Story Behind The White Stripes' 'Hardest Button': Lens Recap"), and their fourth time working together overall.

"It's going to be a real — how do you say it? — a mindblower," Gondry said. "It is based on one day in Jack and Meg's life. It's re-enacting a day when they went to play on the Conan O'Brien show, in a very bizarre way. We see them playing on the stage, then they talk to Conan, and then they take their car and drive amongst giant people, and then they go home and watch their performance on TV. But the whole time, they will be distorted and stretched."

The video is based on the week in 2003 when, to celebrate the release of their album Elephant, the Stripes had a weeklong residency on Conan's show, performing a different song each night. But though it sounds like it comes from the White Stripes' personal memories, the idea for the video was actually all Gondry's, and much like everything he does, it's got some really strange roots.

"I had made a statue of Conan, as a big square head, and I gave it to them and they gave it to him [while they were on the show]," Gondry laughed. "It was made of plaster and it was like something a little kid would do for their mother. And it got on TV, so I thought it would make for a funny and weird video."

And from everything Gondry said, the "Denial Twist" video is going to be plenty funny and weird. He's building a compressed set in New York — Conan's just wouldn't cut it for the complex camera tricks he plans on using — and he wants to do the video all in one take. He also promises plenty of bright colors and a fair amount of post-production wizardry too. And while Gondry swears that O'Brien will definitely make a cameo in the video, it might not be as the host of his show.

"We might have someone wearing his picture on their face, because we have to stretch that person, so we might have to get a [little person] and put a compressed image on their face," Gondry said. "But who knows? All I can tell you is that Conan will be in the video."

The "Denial" video is scheduled to film in three weeks, and after that, he intends on keeping his collaboration with the band going — he's already got ideas for videos number five and number six in his head. And sorry, Stripes fans, he says unlike the clip for "Fell in Love With a Girl," none of them involves Lego bricks (see "Inside The White Stripes' 'Girl' Video Block Party").

"Yes, people are always asking me to redo my older videos, but I won't ever do another Lego video with the White Stripes. But I do have plenty of ideas," he said. "I've done six videos with Björk, and I want to tie that record with the Stripes, then beat them again by doing another video with her."

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Gang of Four Get Edgy with Album Art

Gang Of Four at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, Jan.2005
The Gang of Four's upcoming album will feature cover art as artistically minded and socially charged as the band's music.

The band will package a $1 bill in the jewel case for Return the Gift , as a not-so-symbolic measure of our culture's greed and exploitation.

"On the Original Entertainment cover there is a famous picture of a cowboy and an Indian shaking hands," explained guitarist Andy Gill in a statement. "At this point in their relationship the Indian is innocent and the cowboy innocently believes he can exploit him.

"Many years later and the Indian is addled and all the cowboys hopes are dased. The common currency is cash, the liquor that flows through all our veins. The advertisers call to us : sirens in the wilderness. we buy and sell. We are in it up to are necks.

"Return The Gift. But we probably won't, will we?"

Return the Gift hits stores Oct. 11.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

NIN Drummer Hospitalized Again

Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon has been hospitalized for the second time since the start of the band's fall tour earlier this month. According to a post from NIN leader Trent Reznor on the group's official Web site, Dillon took ill following last night's (Sept. 28) show in Sacramento.

"Bummer. Just spent the day discussing touring up through next summer, then play our asses off to the least responsive audience I can ever remember playing to," Reznor said. "I know I'm bitching but it's a s***ty feeling. As I'm walking to the bus to leave Sacramento as soon as I can, I learn Jerome is back in the hospital. I have no idea what this means."

The tour's Sept. 16 opener in San Diego was cut short after Dillon collapsed on stage. The following night's performance in Tucson, Ariz., was also postponed.

Dillon later blamed "fatigue and exhaustion" as the cause in a post on "I did not experience 'chest pains' but I did spend the night at the hospital for observation," he said. "I received a clean bill of health the next morning and couldn't get back on the bus fast enough."

The tour is scheduled to continue tomorrow in Oakland, Calif., but it is unclear whether Dillon will be able to perform.

source: billboard - by Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Blur reveal new album plans

And there's a change of direction in store

Blur are to record their "basic" new album as a three piece after Graham Coxon decided to continue as a solo artist.

Singer Damon Albarn has revealed that with no sign of Coxon rejoining his old band, Blur will record the follow-up to 'Think Tank' without an additional guitarist. As a result, the sound will be completely different.

"There is a Blur record at the moment but it's very basic," explained Albarn of the album, which could be out next year. "The reason why it's so basic is we decided that if we're going to make another record it's just got to be the three of us and I've got to play guitar. And because I'm such a rudimentary guitarist it has to be really stupid and basic punk rock."

However Blur and Gorillaz are not Albarn's only projects as he confirmed he is currently working on his first solo album - and like his previous side project 'Mali Music' it will have a global element.

"I'm halfway through a record that I started in Nigeria last year," said the Blur frontman. "I suppose will end up being my first solo record, although I hate the term 'solo record'."

Speaking to Hong Kong radio station RTHK3 shortly after Gorillaz completed their War Child track in the city, Albarn added that although Gorillaz are about to reveal their human forms with their five night November residency in Manchester, becoming an animation was been a good career move.

"We wouldn't be as successful as we are in America if we weren't a cartoon band," he declared. "You can't be white and from London and produce hip hop - it's illegal actually, in America."

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Dylan: 'The sequel'

Bob Dylan is holding talks with the makers of his acclaimed "No Direction Home" documentary about making a sequel, it has been confirmed.

The two-part film, broadcast in the UK and America this week, was directed by Martin Scorsese and followed Dylan's career up until 1966.

Featuring a wealth of material on the rock'n'roll legend never before seen, including the infamous "Judas" moment at a gig in Manchester, the makers are now planning on completing the story.

Susan Lacy, executive producer of Scorsese's two-part film, has revealed that "preliminary discussions" are already taking place.

Speaking during a webchat with Dylan fans, Lacy said: "We are having preliminary discussions about that. We are researching that right now.

"There's not as much material and it's not as dense as the material we had from the sixties. There are big gaps in it."

According to Lacy, TV ratings for the programme were "fabulous" in both the UK and America.

"No Direction Home: Bob Dylan" will be released on DVD on October 03.

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Queens Of The Stone Age Warn Fans To Watch For 'Renegade' Tour

Band readies DVD, drops hints for intimate, short-notice shows.

Queens of the Stone Age pride themselves on their no-frills approach to rock and roll, and while one recent development may indicate a change in their hard-line stance, the band has another plan to show that rocking arenas hasn't gone to their heads.

On November 22, Queens will flex their rarely used merchandising muscle with the release of "Over the Years and Through the Trees," a live DVD filmed during the band's two-night stand at London's Brixton Academy last month.

It's the Queens' first-every foray into the concert-film market and comes complete with all the usual bells and whistles, including behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the band.

The Queens had originally come up with the idea for "Trees" after an April 19 gig at Los Angeles' Henry Fonda Theatre, promising a DVD filled with "lots and lots of extras and never-before-seen stupidity" and at least one shower scene (see "Next QOTSA Video Reminds Josh Homme Of Italian Porn"). They finally decided to film the shows at the Brixton Academy, partially because the house was filled with their loyal fans (thanks to an open call on, but also because they had twice been forced to cancel the gigs — first due to frontman Josh Homme's severe bronchitis and then the July terrorist bombings in London (see "Queens Soldier On With Tour Despite Homme's Onstage Collapse").

But while QOTSA might be joining the ranks of rock bands with DVDs, they're still trying to stay as far away from the mainstream as possible, as evidenced by their latest touring venture.

While they spend most nights rocking arenas with Nine Inch Nails (see "My, What Paralyzing Teeth You Have: Queens, NIN To Tour"), Queens are using their downtime to play a series of "renegade shows," basically intimate gigs at out-of-the-way venues announced on shortly before the performance.

"Take that cigarette out of your mouth and put that porno mag down. QOTSA will be doing select renegade shows across the nation," a posting on the site read. "It's a tour-within-a-tour, in places you would never suspect. Show up, be merry. Clues will appear for these. You need to be watchful."

The first "renegade show" took place on Sunday at Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon. More than 300 Queens fans packed the bookstore for an intimate acoustic show by Homme and company. According to, the next on-the-sly gig will take place on October 6 at the Belmont Army Surplus store in Chicago, Illinois, the day before the Queens and Nine Inch Nails play the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

For Josh Homme's take on performing live, see the feature "Queens of the Stone Age: A Stone Unturned."

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Keane album update

The band will head into a studio in New York soon

Keane are set to head into the studio next month.

The band will work on the follow-up to last year's debut 'Hopes And Fears' when they begin recording in New York for three weeks.

The sessions will follow their current tour of the US which also features four nights supporting U2 at New York's Madison Square Garden (October 7-8, 10-11).

It is unknown how much work has already been done on the LP as pianist Tim Rice-Oxley told NME.COM that Keane were heading into a studio after the appearance at this year's T In The Park festival (July 9-10).

He said: "We've done bits and bobs already, but we start in earnest now. It's a bit pressure and a bit worry at the moment, but we're excited about getting stuck into it."

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Kings Of Leon: U2 Officially Their Seventh Or Eighth Most Favourite Band

Whether it's because of their nomadic upbringing, their willingness to yodel through deeply personal songs, or their tendency to name said songs after dental anesthetics, dairy products and buckets, one never knows what to expect from the Kings Of Leon. Surprisingly, interview-shy Matthew Followill joined bassist Jared Followill for a chat during a tour stop in Toronto.
Though reserved for most of the interview, the guitarist made an unexpected claim when it ended. "I probably said more in this interview than..."
"...He's ever said..." reported Jared.
"Ever. In any interview."

The last time we spoke to you, you said you'd never been to a U2 concert and didn't know what to expect as the opening act. What have you discovered?
Matthew Followill: That it's amazing.
Jared Followill: Yeah, they're fucking awesome, they're one of the best bands ever. Absolutely. They definitely made their way into, at least, my top seven favourite bands, maybe top eight.

So was it a lot of pressure for you, to be opening for them?
JF: It was, I mean, nobody pressured us except for ourselves. Just getting up there in front of 10 or 12,000 people and it only being half-full, but it was still a shitload of people. And we just had to learn how to not give them one second to be able to say something. We'd play a song and then immediately start another one, then immediately start another one. It was like 45 minutes of music and so we barely had a chance to listen to them cheer because we'd just keep playing. Because we didn't want fucking hecklers or anything like that. When we first started, people would be like, "Yeah, whatever" and by the next one they'd be like, "All right" and you'd just keep on and keep on. And somebody would hear a song that they really like and by the end I think we won over a lot of the crowds.

Does it bother you to be less popular in your home country than in the U.K.?
JF: Not necessarily, it's alright. It seems to work itself out. We go over there and play really big shows. It's like we cover all spectrums. We go to the U.K. and it's this huge thing, we go to America and it's just kinda big, we go to places like Australia and Japan and it's kind of in-between, so it evens itself out.

In a previous interview, you said you didn't want to play new songs during U.K. shows because your fans would probably post them on the internet right away. What makes you think your North American fans wouldn't?
MF: There's not as many. We're not as big. Over there, it's pretty huge.
JF: It's weird because we'll play b-sides from singles and stuff like that over here and people will be like, "Man, I love your new song" and we'll be like, "Yeah, we recorded that a long time ago."

A lot of critics said that your first record had a very Southern feel to it, but you've always said that Southern rock is the one type of music that didn't influence you. Your next record had a much different sound. Was it a conscious decision for you to try and shed the "Southern" label?

JF: Not really, it's just that our style has changed. We were just growing and I think Southern rock is a really easy type of music to play, truthfully, just ‘cause country music is really easy to play. And all that is is bringing country into rock 'n' roll and you listen to some of those bass lines and it's really easy. We were really young musicians and the way Caleb sings has a lot to do with it. And I think on the next one we just kinda figured stuff out and got a little more technical.
MF: We started listening to more music. We just found a lot of music that we'd never heard before and that inspired us a lot too.
JF: Yeah, totally. And the next one will sound completely different from the other two. I think it'll always be that way.
MF: The new one will definitely sound a lot different.

If what you're listening to impacts the kind of music you're making, what are some of the bands you were listening to in the process?
JF: A lot of The Pixies, Joy Division...
MF: ...we love New Order a lot.
JF: Television, a little bit of The Cure...
MF: Adam Sandler. [they both laugh]

Jared, you've been credited with introducing the band to a lot of music when you were just beginning and you've always listed The Velvet Underground as a huge influence. Brian Eno, of Roxy Music, said that everyone who listens to The Velvets starts a band. Why do you think they're so influential?
JF: I have no idea, maybe it's because they were really bad at their instruments.
MF: Definitely.
JF: You just hear it and you're like, "Fuck, I could do that!"
MF: And the first time you hear it, you've never heard anything like it before. It's so different and weird.
JF: Yeah, totally, it's so different. It's really dumbed down. It was the first songs that I heard where they embraced their fuck-ups. Somebody would mess up on the guitar or the bass and it would be a really stand-out mess-up and that would make it even cooler. They would even mess up on violins and stuff like that and it would be like, fuckin' A. I think that it makes people believe in themselves, that it's not necessarily about playing and talent and stuff like that, as much as it is being original and having your own style and being different.

source: chartattack

Garbage Want To Be Absolutely Clear About Not Splitting

Yeah, um, Garbage aren't breaking up. Actually, we already told you that last week when Shirley Manson made her original comments in the Australian press, but the band felt it necessary to drive the point home after an apparent deluge of false "break-up" stories, so they released a VERY CLEAR statement on their official website.

"Dear worried and confused," they write. "After reading all the bullshit out there about the future of Garbage, we felt compelled to write a few lines here to address the issue and set the record straight.

"Certain journalists have taken the liberty of running wildly inaccurate stories in recent days about our so called 'break-up.' Made up out of cobbled together, out of context quotes to feed some perverse agenda of their own, these stories are nothing more than idle speculation and are completely inaccurate."

Well, our freely admitted perversity aside, some of the things Shirls told the Aussie press were pretty vague. When you throw a term like "indefinite" in front of your announced break, it does ring a few warning bells with music fans, who frequently see bands drift away into nothingness through the excuse of "hiatus."

If she didn't want to inspire speculation, maybe comments like "I don't know if we're calling it a day" were a bad move. Anyway, the slightly pissy statement continues:

"The truth of the matter is really simple and surprisingly hard to misconstrue. For more than 10 years, we have been in a cycle of album-making and touring and for the first time in our history, we have made a decision to break that cycle and take some time off. What does that mean? We are NOT breaking up. However, we ARE taking some much-deserved time off to spend with our families and friends. How much time? We don't know.

"This decision came as a difficult yet necessary one in order to preserve something we hold very dear. The last 10 years have been an incredible experience for all of us and we appreciate all the freedom, love and support you have so generously given us during that time. We are eternally grateful to you all and we look forward to the next chapter in all of our lives with great excitement and enthusiasm."

And there you have it. After they wrap up their current tour this week, Garbage will officially be "not broken up."

source: chartattack by David McDougall

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan to feature in music documentary season

Sonic Youth
A host of films to be screened in London throughout October

Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Bob Dylan are all set to feature in the 'Uncontainable: A Music Documentary Season' set to be screened in London next month.

The documentaries will be shown at the Curzon Soho and the ICA, kicking off on October 1 with a Sonic Youth double-bill.

'Drift' - a collaboration between the band's Lee Ranaldo and artist Leah Singer - is an experimental audio and visual project and will be followed by 'Live Youth', a selection of short films and documentaries filmed by Ranaldo and bandmate Thurston Moore.

Other highlights of the season include 'Arena: Dylan In The Madhouse' (October 2) chronicling the lost tape of the singer appearing in the BBC play 'Madhouse On Castle Street', 'I Am Trying To Break Your Heart' focusing on Wilco (October 2) and '1991 The Year Punk Broke - On Tour With Sonic Youth & Nirvana' which also features appearances from Dinosaur Jr. and The Ramones (October 7).

For the full 'Uncontainable: A Music Documentary Season' programme visit

source: nme

Social Distortion ready for long stretch of new dates

Veteran L.A. punkers Social Distortion have added a flood of new concert dates to their current tour, which began in mid-September.

The latest round of appearances will keep the group on the road at least until early January of next year as it continues to support last year's "Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll" album. An Oct. 30 appearance at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans has been canceled in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and replaced with a date the same night in Houston.

The band has also added two new shows to its stand at New York's Nokia Theatre, bringing that run to a four-night engagement, beginning Oct. 1. The updated schedule also features a six-show run in Los Angeles, five-night runs in San Francisco and Anaheim, CA, and four consecutive nights in Denver.

Released last September, "Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll" is Social D's first album of new material since 1996's "White Light, White Heat, White Trash," and is also the group's first recording without guitarist Dennis Danell, who died of a brain aneurysm in 2000. Taking over for Danell is Jonny Wickersham.

Also new to the lineup since "White Light, White Heat, White Trash" surfaced is drummer Charlie Quintana, who replaced Chuck Biscuits in 2000.

Founding member Mike Ness still fronts the band.

Bassist John Maurer, who was with Social Distortion for 20 years, recorded "Sex, Love and Rock'n'Roll" with the group, but has since bowed out. Bassist Brent Harding, who toured with Ness during the singer's 1999 solo outing, rounds out the lineup


September 2005
28 - Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
30 - Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues

October 2005
1, 2, 4, 5 - New York, NY - Nokia Theatre Times Square
7 - Worcester, MA - Palladium
8 - Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock
10 - Toronto, Ontario - Kool Haus
11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rostraver Ice Garden
13-14 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
15 - Columbus, OH - PromoWest Pavilion
20-22 - Philadelphia, PA - Theater of Living Arts
23 - State College, PA - The Crow Bar
25 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
26 - Baltimore, MD - Sonar
27 - Norfolk, VA - Norva
28 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
30 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Festival
31 - Dallas, TX - The Granada Theater

November 2005
1 - Austin, TX - Stubb's BBQ
3-6 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre
9-10 - San Francisco, CA - Fillmore Auditorium
11 - Santa Cruz, CA - Catalyst
13-15 - San Francisco - Fillmore Auditorium

December 2005
18-19 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
21 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
22-23 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
26-27 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
29-30 - Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues

January 2006
2-4 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
15 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues

source: gigwise

Jonathan Rice Announces UK Tour Dates

Jonathan Rice has announced details of a mammoth UK tour in support of his new download only single ‘So Sweet’.

As well as touring to support his single and album ‘Trouble Is Real’; the American-Scottish songwriter is also gearing up for the release of new film ‘Walk The Line’ a film that charts the life and times of country star, Johnny Cash in which he plays the role of Roy Orbison.

Check out Mr. Rice at one of the following dates:

Nottingham, Social – October 18
Bristol, St Bonaventures - 19
Oxford, Zodiac - 20
Norwich, Arts Centre - 21
Sheffield, Fez Club - 23
London, La Scala - 24
Brighton, Komedia - 25
Southampton, Joiners - 26
Cardiff, Barfly - 29
Birmingham, Glee Club - 30
Manchester, Night & Day - 31
York, Fibbers – November 2
Liverpool, Academy 3 - 3
Glasgow, Arts School - 4
Leeds, The Faversham - 6
Dublin, Whelans – 7

‘Walk The Line’ is released in January 2006, ‘So Sweet’ is available to download from November 7.

Super Furry Animals Announce Huge Tour Across North America

Super Furry Animals have announced a huge tour of North America is support of the release of their latest album ‘Love Kraft’.

The Furries will play across the US and Canada in November appearing at 23 dates in total.

The dates are:
Montreal, Club Soda – November 1
Toronto, Pheonix Theatre – 2
New York, Webster Hall – 5-6
Boston, The Roxy – 7
Washington DC, 9:30 Club – 8
Philadelphia, Museum Of The Living Arts – 9
Norfolk, The Norva – 10
Carrboro, Cats Cradle – 11
Atlanta, The Loft – 12
Houston, Meridian Red Room – 15
Austin, La Zona Rosa – 16
Dallas, Gypsy Tea Room – 17
Lawrence, Grenada – 19
Chicago, Metro – 20
Minneapolis, Fine Line Music – 21
Vancouver, Richards On Richards - 24
Seattle, Neumos – 25
Portland, Wonder Ballroom – 26
San Francisco, The Fillmore – 28
Hollywood, Avalon – 29
Anaheim, House Of Blues – 30
Sand Diego, House Of Blues – December 1

source: gigwise

Dresden Dolls Embracing Rock On New Album

While working on its upcoming sophomore album, Boston-bred punk-rock cabaret duo the Dresden Dolls looked to the past for inspiration.

"I'd say about half of the material on the new record are songs that predate the first record," singer/pianist Amanda Palmer tells "Some of them are even songs that predate the forming of the band, stuff I wrote in my teens and early twenties. Some stuff is more recently written, but I find it impossible to write on the road."

The pair's nonstop touring, which included a slot opening for Nine Inch Nails earlier this year, allowed it to road-test material for as-yet-untitled album, like "Backstabber," "Shores of California," "Sex Changes," "Mrs. O.," "My Alcoholic Friends" and "Delilah," the Dolls' attempt at a three-chord power ballad.

Unlike their self-titled debut, which was independently released in spring 2004 and re-released on Roadrunner Records in April, the new set, slated for a spring 2006 release, will veer away from the Dolls' signature dramatic cabaret sound, in favor of a "more rock'n'roll and less 'angsty' sound with less prose-y songwriting," according to Palmer.

With the help of producers (and fellow Bostonians) Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie, the new project will also be under-produced in an effort to mimic the sound of the Dolls' live shows. "The band sounds at its best when it's live and raw, so we tried to go for that sound," Palmer says.

On Oct. 11, Dresden Dolls will issue a live DVD to showcase their eclectic show. "Paradise" will include an hour-long documentary following a day in the life of the band and "The Brigade," the motley crew of performance artists that keep the crowd entertained at every show.

On the Dolls' upcoming tour, which kicks off on Oct. 12 in Boulder, Colo., the Brigade will take direction from Montreal's Cirque Eloize, the traveling circus that will follow the band throughout the trek.

source: billboard

New Wonder Album Finally Hitting Stores

After numerous delays, Stevie Wonder's first new album in 10 years, "A Time 2 Love," will finally arrive Oct. 18 via Motown. The set was most recently due for release June 14; first single "So What the Fuss" featuring Prince has been at radio since May and a second single, "From the Bottom of My Heart" has been garnering airplay for nearly as long.

Among the guests on the 15-track set are India.Arie and Paul McCartney on the title cut, Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar on "Tell Your Heart I Love You," gospel star Kim Burrell and rapper Doug E. Fresh on opener "If Your Love Cannot Be Moved" and Wonder's daughter Aisha on "How Will I Know" and "Positivity."

Another track, "Shelter in the Rain," will be available Oct. 11 from digital downloads retailers, with proceeds earmarked for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

"As an artist, you get anxious and excited -- you want to show what you can do," Wonder told Billboard late last year. "But for me, I had to make a real decision not to rush. I wasn't feeling that the timing is right. A lot of what I do when I do an album is based on whether the timing is right."

"A Time 2 Love" is Wonder's first new album since 1995's "Conversation Peace."

Here is the track list for "A Time 2 Love":

"If Your Love Cannot Be Moved"
"Sweetest Somebody I Know"
"Moon Blue"
"From the Bottom of My Heart"
"Please Don't Hurt My Baby"
"How Will I Know"
"My Love Is on Fire"
"Passionate Raindrops"
"Tell Your Heart I Love You"
"True Love"
"Shelter in the Rain"
"So What the Fuss"
"Can't Imagine Love Without You"
"A Time To Love"

source: billboard

Arctic Monkeys move to bigger venue

London date is now at the Astoria

Arctic Monkeys have upgraded the venue of their London show on their UK tour due to demand.

The band were due to play at the London Mean Fiddler on October 6, but the show will now take place at the bigger Astoria next door.

A statement reads: "It seems that there are an awful lot of very disappointed fans who were unable to get tickets for the London show on the forthcoming tour. So we have decided to move the show to the Astoria. The venue is about a one minute walk down the Charing Cross road from the Mean Fiddler. Tickets for the Arctic Monkeys Mean Fiddler show will be valid for the Astoria. Additional tickets for the Astoria show will be made available exclusively through the Arctic Monkeys web site."

The full tour, which has also sold-out, visits:

Norwich Waterfront (October 2)
London Astoria (6)
Portsmouth Pyramid (7)
Cardiff Coal Exchange (9)
Sunderland Manor Quay (10)
Coventry Coliseum (11)
Bristol Bierkeller (12)
Glasgow ABC (14)
Sheffield The Plug (15)
Manchester Ritz (16)
Leeds Black Canvas (17)
Edinburgh Exchange (19)
Wolverhampton Wulfrun (20)
Sheffield The Plug (22)

Arctic Monkeys are currently working on their debut album. For full details, see this week's NME, which is out nationwide now (September 28).

source: nme

Embrace new B-sides compilation album

It's out next month

Embrace are to release a B-sides compilation next month.

'Dry Kids (B-Sides 1997-2005)' is out on October 31, and is an 18 track album that includes the B-sides from throughout their career.

The tracklisting runs:

'The Shots Still Ringing'
'Flaming Red Hair'
'One Big Family' (Perfecto Mix - Long Fade)
'How Come' (Live)
'Dry Kids'
'Butter Wouldn't Melt'
'Too Many Times'
'Blind' (Road Version)
'Maybe I Wish'
'Free Ride'
'Feels Like Glue'
'I've Been Running'
'Brothers And Sisters'
'Milk And Honey'
'The Way I Do'
'Love Is Back'

Embrace plan to release a new studio album next year.

source: mtv

Magic Numbers announce details of US jaunt

Band to hook-up with Bright Eyes plus play own shows

The Magic Numbers have confirmed details of an American tour.

The band who don't release their debut album in the States until October 4, are set to play a series of their own dates before supporting Bright Eyes.

The band will also make their US TV debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on November 30.

The band play the following headline dates:

Hollywood Troubadour (Nov 1)
San Francisco Popscene @ 330 Ritch (3)
Portland Doug Fir Lounge (5)
Vancouver Richard's On Richards Cabaret (6)
Seattle Crocodile Café (7)
Minneapolis Ascot Room @ The Quest (11)
Chicago Schubas Tavern (12)
New York Bowery Ballroom (28)
Boston Great Scott (29)
Toronto Lee's Palace (Dec 1)

They also support Bright Eyes at the following shows:

Nashville Ryman Auditorium (14)
Louisville W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre (15)
Athens Georgia Theatre (16)
Asheville Thomas Wolfe Auditorium (17)
Washington DAR Constitution Hall (18)
Philadelphia Academy of Music (19)
Portland Merrill Auditorium at City Hall (20)
Buffalo Center for the Arts-SUNY Buffalo (21)
Worcester The Palladium (22)
Concord Capitol Center For The Arts (23)
Jersey City Loews Theatre (26)

source: nme

Limp Bizkit cover The Verve

The band will tackle 'Bittersweet Symphony'

Limp Bizkit are set to cover The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony' for an upcoming best-of compilation.

The band will merge the song with their version of Motley Crue's 'Home Sweet Home' for the career-spanning collection.

The album, titled 'Greatest Hits' is set for a November 7 release and will feature a further two previously unheard tracks - 'Lean On Me' and 'Why' - alongside hits such as 'Nookie', 'Rollin', 'Break Stuff' and 'N 2 Gether Now'.

According to Billboard, no songs have been included from Limp Bizkit's recent EP 'The Unquestionable Truth', which fell out of the Billboard 200 after just four weeks.

surce: nme

Fans Ferdinand

Alex Kapranos
Let's face it, Pete Doherty needs someone else saying he's a wallybag about as much as Ozzy Osbourne needs another remote control, so well done to Alex Kapranos giving him a glowing report.

While the rest of indieland is still in two minds about whether or not they can forgive Pete for his shambolic live performances, punching Johnny Razorlight and er, well everything else, Franz Ferdinand's beanpole brainbox is bigging up the Doherty.
Pete Doherty

Alex told the Daily Star: "Pete Doherty is a brilliant songwriter. '**** Forever' is a real anthem. I was really impressed when I saw him perform in Paris."

source: bbc pop news

Paul Weller Announces In-Store Gig

Paul Weller has announced he is to play an intimate in-store gig to celebrate the release of his next album ‘As Is Now’.

Weller will be appearing at HMV on Oxford Street, London on October 10 from 9pm and will be performing tracks from the record.

To see the exclusive performance fans must obtain special wristbands either by purchasing his album from HMV on the day of the gig or by through Weller’s official website

The album ‘As Is Now’ is released on October 10 and the first single to be taken from it ‘Come On/ Let’s Go’ was released yesterday.

source: gigwise

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Silverstein Happy To Be Discovered

After years of relatively quiet, nice-centric incubation, 2005 will go down in Burlington, Ontario rock history as the year the city's burgeoning emocore scene finally broke big-time. You could thank the five lads in Silverstein and their sophormore LP, Discovering The Waterfront — which surprised virtually everyone by debuting in the Billboard Hot 100 in the top-40 — for that, but, being humble suburban boys, they'd rather give props to their homeboys than pat themselves on the back.

"Ninety-five per cent of the people back home are stoked and excited for us, just like I was for Grade and Jersey when I was a kid," says singer Shane Told over the phone, seeking refuge from the punishing Arizona heat in a friend's air-conditioned house. "They were going to places like Japan and Australia then and we thought that was so cool — that five kids that we knew got to do stuff like that. Those bands just paved the way for us."

The remarkable success of Waterfront and the high concentration of Southern Ontario-bred acts making waves this year have led some to tout the west-of-Toronto suburb as melodic hardcore's Seattle. And while the major label hype machine hasn't slapped "voice of a generation" status on Told or any of his peers yet, the scene's visibility has never been higher. This year's Warped Tour roster, for example, boasted a plethora of bands reppin' the 416 and 905, including Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Bedouin Soundclash and Boys Night Out.

"[Warped Tour] was great," Told says. "This year, it was all of our friends' bands or bands we'd toured with before. The first day it was like, 'What's up? What's up? What's up?' We just knew everybody. We got to party with all of our friends for, like, a month."

The band's whiplash-inducing rise to fame has not, it seems, gone to their heads. They're as grounded today as they were when they were playing all-ages shows in church basements a few years ago. They've also resisted the "fame is for poseurs" mentality that keeps so many bands from tightly-knit scenes poor and unheard. In Silverstein, success isn't measured in chart positions or sales figures, but simply by how much fun you have doing it.

"We've never been a band that's been, like, 'Oh, fuck MTV,' or 'We don't want to be on the radio,'" Told says. "That's never been our thing. We're just in this for the experience of doing it. We're young, so let's have some fun and take this thing where we can take it."

"Besides," he continues, "If I ever get sick of it, I just won't do it."

Here are Silverstein's Canadian tour dates:
# September 26 St. Catherines, ON @ L3
# September 27 Mississauga, ON @ Blind Duck
# September 28 Oshawa, ON @ The Dungeon
# September 29 Windsor, ON @ Octane
# September 30 London, ON @ Embassy
# November 30 Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix
# December 1 Montreal, QC @ Spectrum

Keith Moon: Worst Driver Ever Crashes in Pool

Let's assume that when Keith Moon crashed that legendary car into the hotel swimming pool, it was a lot cooler than this.

In a whirlwind of poor decisions and outright stupidity, a Bellevue, Wash. woman nearly died after crashing a car into a swimming pool. The unnamed 20-year-old driver didn’t have a driver’s license, only a learner’s permit, when she showed up at a friend’s house to test drive a car. Proving she’s not quite ready for her road test, the driver confused the brake and the gas pedals, sending the car smashing over a utility box, into a tree, through a fence and ultimately into an apartment complex’s swimming pool.

Because she couldn’t operate the gas and brake, it should come as no surprise to find she couldn’t figure out how to roll down the window, either. She was trapped in the sinking car when firefighters arrived, breaking out the rear window to pull her from the sinking vehicle.

On her short but eventful test drive, the woman didn’t drive on public property, so no files were charged.

Adding insult to injury, the car was uninsured.

source: aversion

Bob Mould Announces Tour

Bob Mould will be taking the rock'n'roll back on the road this fall.

Mould announced a three-week run to support his Body of Song (2005, Yep Roc) (read Aversion’s review). He taps an all-star cast to serve as his backing band, with Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty, Verbow’s Jason Narducy on bass and Richard Morel (Pink Noise, Blowoff) on keyboards.

On Body of Song returns to the world of full-band guitar rock, from which he strayed on his last album. Further whipping up excitement about the album, a track, “The Circle,” will appear on Thusday’s (Sept. 29) episode of The O.C..

Bob Mould’s tour dates are:

Sept. 27 - Mississippi Nights, St. Louis
Sept. 28 - First Avenue, Minneapolis
Sept. 29, 30 – Metro, Chicago,
Oct. 1 - St. Andrews Hall, Detroit
Oct. 2 - Mod Club, Toronto
Oct. 4 – Paradise, Boston
Oct. 5 - Irving Plaza, New York
Oct. 6 – Trocadero, Philadelphia
Oct. 7 - 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
Oct. 11 - Neumo's, Seattle
Oct. 12 - Doug Fir, Portland, Ore.
Oct. 14 -The Fillmore, San Francisco
Oct. 15 - El Rey, Los Angeles

source: aversion

The Juliana Theory Announce More Tour Dates

Hitting The Midwest and Heading Out West
LATROBE, PA - Garnering plaudits and applause from critics and fans
alike for their fourth album Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat (released on September
13, 2005 on Paper Fist/Abacus Records), Western Pennsylvania¹s The Juliana
is currently wrapping up their East Coast tour with Lovedrug, Days
Away and The Goodwill this weekend at their homecoming show in Pittsburgh's
Mr. Smalls.

The will soon get back on the road (this time heading West) with supporting bands Jamison Parker and June. Roses Are Red and The Fury will support select dates. Kicking off Part Two of their tour, they will pick up in Detroit on Oct. 19th and end up at Anaheim, CA's Chain Reaction on Nov. 5th. The video to the first single "This Is a Lovesong...

For the Loveless" was recently shot in Brooklyn, NY by director Travis Kopach (The Honorary Title, Koufax) and will soon be hitting airwaves shortly. The press have been applauding Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat, the band's fourth
album, as well (even if they often get the album title incorrect).

Alternative Press calls the album "10 songs of dense, aggressive rock that pulls no punches... as intense and catchy as Emotion is Dead." The influential punk site, Absolute Punk, says "If there's one band in this
world that I could listen to at anytime, it would have to be The Juliana Theory. ... With their latest effort, Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat, The Juliana Theory looks to be On Top of the World soon."

Tour dates

10/19 Detroit, MI Magic Stick
10/20 Chicago, IL Beat Kitchen
10/21 Minneapolis, MN The Quest
10/23 Kansas City, MO El Torreon
10/24 Denver, CO Bluebird Theater
10/25 Salt Lake City, UT Lo-Fi Café
10/28 Seattle, WA Paradox
11/1 San Francisco, CA Slims
11/3 W. Hollywood, CA Troubador
11/5 Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction

"We¹re more proud of what we¹ve accomplished on this album than on any of
our previous ones," said vocalist Brett Detar of Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat.
"These lyrics are the darkest I¹ve ever written. The past few years have
been complete rollercoaster rides as far as our love lives were concerned.
That has definitely helped fuel the lyrics and vibe as well as some serious
business breakups and things of that nature."

Produced by John Travis (Social Distortion, Kid Rock), co-produced by
vocalist Brett Detar, and mixed by Joe Barresi (QOTSA, Rancid), Deadbeat
Sweetheartbeat brings together the crunch and burn of their earlier
material with a modern songwriting sensibility that brings them to a whole
new level. Almost exclusivity D.I.Y., this album is a true labor of love
and it shows. From the opening searing guitars and vocal sneer of ³This Is
a LovesongŠ For the Loveless² to the final flipoff of ³French Kiss Off²,
Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat stomps down hard and makes its presence known. The
rhythmic beatbeat of ³Leave Like a Ghost (Drive Away)² propels the band
even farther than expected, with a blistering and danceable beat that
smells of instant classic.

source: hardcoremusicbiz

System of a Down Fight for the Fore-Fathers

Armenian American band System Of A Down are proud of their heritage, and have always fought to raise awareness of the Armenian genocide of 1915-1923, in which approximately 1.5 Armenians were destroyed by Turkey.

In a bid to gain official acknowledgement of this injustice, SOAD - along with their fans, the Armenian National Committee of America, Axis of Justice and the Armenian Youth Federation - will attempt to sway the pending Armenian Genocide legislation.

By visiting the Batavia office of Representative Dennis Hastert, the convoy will proceed to ask him to keep his word and hold a vote on the upcoming legislation. As a member of the House of International Relations Committee, Hastert has twice prevented the Armenian Genocide legislation from coming to a full vote in the House despite have expressed great enthusiasm for the measure since 2000.

If successful and the Speaker votes "Yes" to the Armenian Genocide Resolution, he will allow the House's 435 US members to cast their ballots on the human rights movement. Ultimately, this will repay for injustices victims of the genocide have suffered.

Serj Tankian, who along with his fellow SOAD members lost family to the genocide, had this to say on the matter:

"Dennis, do the right thing…I just visited my 97- year-old grandfather, my only link to the far past, and promised him that I would go and try to talk to Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, and make sure that he takes this opportunity to bring up the Armenian Genocide Resolution to the floor of the House of Representatives. This is a personal issue to me and System."

source: morover

Simple Plan Has Another One Coming

Simple Plan's popularity has continued to sour since their debut album "No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls", and so great is the demand for new material from the pop-punkers that they are releasing a new live album, "MTV Hard Rock Live" to sate their rabid fans.

The album's release will coincide with the band's Spring tour and is set to hit stores on October 4th. It will feature and MTV exclusive recording of the band from last May when they performed at Orlando, Florida's Hard Rock Live.

Fans can expect live versions of all the hits, including "Perfect", "Welcome To My Life", "I'd Do Anything" and "Addicted" as well as an acoustic version of new single, "Crazy".

"MTV Hard Rock Live" is also an enhanced CD containing video footage of the tracks "Shut Up" and "Jump". If that isn't enough for die-hard fans then they might want to opt for the Special Edition, which comes with not only its very own DVD of the entire Hard Rock Live concert but also a 32-page hard booklet, tour book and exclusive Simple Plan patch and pin, along with more bonus acoustic versions of their songs, including "Perfect," "Welcome To My Life," and "Crazy."

source: undercover

Monday, September 26, 2005

Eurythmics back catalogue set for digital makeover

SonyBMG confirm their most extensive album reissue campaign to date.

Fans of 80's hitmakers the Eurythmics will no doubt be having sweet dreams tonight, with news of the re-release of all eight of the seminal bands studio albums, as well as a forthcoming hits collection.

Each of the eight studio albums - 1981's "In The Garden", 1983's "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These), 1983's "Touch", 1985's "Be Yourself Tonight", 1986's "Revenge", 1988's "Revenge", 89's "We Too Are One" and 1999's "Peace" - are set to drop November 14, the same day as their new greatest hits package "Eurythmics Ultimate Collection", which will include the brand new single "I've Got A Life" and "Was It Just Another Love Affair?".

Each re-mastered album (which was overseen by Dave Stewart) will include, on average, 4-7 bonus tracks - including one previously unreleased cover version. All eight albums will also be available as a special box set. 1983's 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' album features a rare cover of Lou Reed's 'Satellite of Love', while 1983's 'Touch' album includes a previously unreleased version of David Bowie's 'Fame', and 1988's 'Savage' includes a moving rendition of The Beatles 'Come Together'.

Eurythmics have notched over 75 million in record sales, making them the UK's most successful duo ever.

source: soundgen

Elbow announce nine-date UK tour

Elbow will hit the road early November for their first UK tour of 2005, calling at nine venues across the country.

The band release their new album, "Leaders Of The Free World" earlier this month (Sep. 12) and begin their trek to support the new set on November 13 in Portsmouth.

The band playing from Nov. 13. Other dates include Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and London.

November 2005

13 - Portsmouth Pyramids
14 - Bristol Academy
15 - Birmingham Academy
17 - Glasgow Academy
18 - Edinburgh Queens Hall
20 - Newcastle University
21 - Sheffield University Foundry
23 - Manchester Apollo
25 - London Brixton Academy


Bob Dylan justifies 'going electric'

Bob Dylan 1965
The singer defends one of his most controversial moves

Bob Dylan has justified his decision to go electric in the mid-sixties in a rare interview.

The legendary singer infamously appeared at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965 backed by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and was hailed with vicious derision.

In a two part documentary, directed by Martin Scorsese, Dylan explains his decision, saying: "I thought I'd get more power with a small group backing me. It was electric but that doesn't necessarily mean it's modernised just because it's electric. Country music was electric too."

He adds: "A lot of my songs were becoming hits for other people. The Byrds had a big hit, some group called The Turtles had some hit. I didn't really like that sound. Folk rock, what ever that was. I felt it didn't have anything to do with me."

His UK tour of 1966 was received with the same scorn, with one fan screaming 'Judas' at the electric-guitar playing Dylan.

"The band who were with me on that tour were putting their heads in the lion's mouth. The stages were created for people who recited Shakespeare," Dylan says. "They weren't made for the music we were playing. The sound was pretty archaic really. The sound quality hadn't been perfected."

'No Direction Home:Bob Dylan' directed by Martin Scorsese will be shown in two parts at 9pm tonight (September 26) and tomorrow (September 27) on BBC2.

source: nme

Front 242 on tour

Electronic legends Front 242 are planning 19 date tour that will bring them in the USA, Canada and Mexico. It will be the first time when Front 242 hits the USA after their successful Re:Boot Tour.

Look at confirmed dates:


03 - Vancouver, Canada - Plush
04 - Seattle, USA - Fenix Underground
06 - San Francisco, USA - DNA Lounge
09 - Los Angeles, USA - Avalon
10 - Tijiuana, Mexico - Oxigeno House
12 - Denver, USA - Ogden
14 - Chicago, USA - Vic Theatre
15 - Cleveland, USA - Odeon
16 - Detroit, USA - TBA
18 - Toronto, Canada - Guvernment
19 - Montreal, Canada - Club Soda
21 - New York, USA - Irving Plaza
22 - Philadelphia, USA - Trocadero
23 - Buffalo, USA - Infinity
25 - Mexico City, Mexico - TBA
26 - Guadalajara, Mexico - TBA
28 - Washington, USA - 9:30 Club
30 - Atlanta, USA - Masquerade


02 - Tampa, USA - Masquerade

Info taken from official Front 242 web site.

Pussycat Dolls Hold On To Top Spot

The Pussycat Dolls have topped the UK singles chart for the third week running, holding off challenges from Kanye West and Franz Ferdinand.

The former dancers stay on top spot with 'Don't Cha', ahead of West's 'Gold Digger' at two - which also features Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx - and Franz's 'Do You Want To?', a new entry at three.

David Gray's 'Life In Slow Motion' remains top of the album chart, with the two highest entries depressingly being Bon Jovi at two and Barbra Streisand at three.

However, the week's biggest achiever was former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown. Not only did his solo hits compilation album 'The Greatest' debut at number five, but more impressively the publicity surrounding his former band helped their eponymous debut album rise from number 153 to number 19.

Not bad going for someone who supposedly can't sing...

source: gigwise

Xiu Xiu Collaborate With Larsen, Release Live Album

What happens when a miserable romantic from California meets a mysterious gang of rock deconstructionists from Italy? Ciautistico! That's the title of the debut chunk of sound from XXL, a collaboration between Xiu Xiu and the Italian outfit Larsen. (They'd better hope the staff of the hip-hop magazine doesn't find out, or there's gonna be some serious beef.)

The album is out now on Important Records, and according a press release, offers a "schizophrenic" mélange of "orchestrated pop songs, almost-techno beats, and minimalistic droning tracks," all "edited out of long, intense jam sessions" but "framed in a common melancholic mood." Duh, of course it's in a melancholic mood, it's a Xiu Xiu record.


01 Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw
02 Minnie Mouseistic
03 Ciao Ciautistico
04 (Pokey in Your) Gnocchi
05 Distorted Duck
06 Lipstick Fair
07 Prince Charming
08 Birthday Song
09 Sunday

The kindred groups first encountered each other when Xiu Xiu mastermind Jamie Stewart opened for ex-Swans anti-diva Jarboe in Seattle. Larsen followed him on the bill and, says Stewart, "melted my brain and heart." Undaunted by the destruction of these vital organs, Xiu Xiu traveled to Larsen headquarters in Torino to record. Glockenspiels, theremins, and harmoniums abounded, much wine did flow, and the album was born in less than two weeks.

Ciautistico! is the fourth Xiu Xiu-related disc of 2005 so far, following the full-length La Forêt, a split single with Devendra Banhart and Accordion Solo!, a compilation from the proto-Xiu group Ten in the Swear Jar. But Stewart and co. are very prolific mopers. On October 11, the album Life and Live will hit American shores, having been released this summer by the Italian label Xeng (they sure do love those Italians). It collects cuts from the Fag Patrol EP as well as Stewart solo acoustic songs recorded while touring with Banhart, including a cover of the Smiths' "Asleep". Shut the lights off and turn it up:

01 20,000 Deaths for Eidelyn Gonzales, 20,000 Deaths for Jamie Peterson
02 Sad Redux-O-Grapher
03 King Earth, King Earth
04 I Broke Up (Version A)
05 Thanks Japan!
06 Sad Pony Guerilla Girl
07 Asleep
08 Jennifer Lopez
09 20,000 Deaths for Eidelyn Gonzales, 20,000 Deaths for Jamie Peterson
10 Helsabot
11 Dr. Troll
12 Brooklyn Dodgers
13 Nieces Pieces
14 Clover
15 I Broke Up

Xiu Xiu are finishing up an American tour with a performance at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco this Saturday, September 24, but rest assured, they won't stay off the road for long. Important Records says that XXL will not be a one-off project, but a living, breathing band. To prove it, the Italo-American collective will venture forth on a trans-Atlantic tour in the near future, sending quivers of anticipation throughout the not-quite-emo, not-quite-techno scene

source: pitchfork.

Dead Kennedys To Release Pivotal Reissue With DVD, Tour

Seminal punk rock band Dead Kennedys announced today that they will be reissuing one of the greatest punk albums of all-time, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables - Special 25th Anniversary Edition on Manifesto Records with exclusive bonus material.

The October 25 reissue of Fresh Fruit (originally released September 1980) will feature the band’s original album on compact disc as well a new bonus DVD documentary of previously unseen archival live footage and new interviews about the record.

The 55-minute bonus DVD includes some of the earliest known live footage of Dead Kennedys performing tracks such as "California Uber Alles" at the San Francisco venue Mabuhay Gardens, "Kill The Poor" from Sproul Hall on the U.C. Berkeley campus a mere two months after the band formed, "Holiday in Cambodia" shot during the band’s only live date in France, "Viva Las Vegas" from the Mabuhay and a newly edited two-camera shoot of "Funland at the Beach" from the Mabuhay as well. Manifesto Records reissued a single-disc, audio-only version of Fresh Fruit without the bonus DVD in September 2005.
“25 years on, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables has become something no one in the Dead Kennedys could have predicted when we recorded it – a truly important punk rock record that stands the test of time,” said founding member East Bay Ray. “The thing that we felt could improve this release for the fans of the original record was a bonus DVD of unreleased archival live performances, interviews with the band and the people who were there from the beginning and rare images of the Dead Kennedys from day one. This record was about changing the way people looked at their government and sadly, that very same thing seems to be needed even more 25 years later.”

The bonus documentary DVD on the 25th anniversary of Fresh Fruit touches on the early days of Dead Kennedys and goes in-depth about the recording of the album, the songs that were featured on the album, the significance of the band itself and rare images of early pressings of the album, promotional campaigns, posters, early singles (45s), rare posters and articles written about the band. New interviews were conducted with Dead Kennedys’ guitarist East Bay Ray, bassist Klaus Flouride, Ninotchka (former lead-singer Jello Biafra’s ex-wife), Dead Kennedys first manager Chi Chi, Dirk Dirksen, promoter of the Mabuhay Gardens where the band got their start, Oliver DiCicco who engineered ‘Fresh Fruit’ and other Dead Kennedys albums, Iain McNay, co-founder of Cherry Red Records who owns Fresh Fruit as well respected music journalists, Johnny Angel, Eric Himmelsbach and Craig Rosen. Former lead singer Jello Biafra was asked to participate and chose not to.

On that note, the current line up of the DK's has also announced some tour dates.

29 - Grand Olympic Auditorium - Los Angeles, CA
w/ Suicidal Tendencies, The Germs, Marky Ramone, Flipper and more

3 - IROCK - Detroit, MI.
4 - Congress Theater (Riot Fest) - Chicago, Il.
5 - Eagles Club - Milwaukee, WI
17 - Irving Plaza - New York, NY

source: filtermag

Wilco Tour This Fall; Jeff Tweedy Solo Tour Follows

After taking a slight break form the summer circuit, America's favorite americana-folk-rock collective Wilco are heading back out on the road. After thre run of Wilco dates, frontman Jeff Tweedy will go out on his own tour support his solo release.

Wilco Fall US Tour Dates:


This show is a benefit for Rock for Riley, for more information go here.
#ROSE HILL DRIVE supports on October 14



Tickets for the TPAC Shows are free of charge as part of the Wall Street Rising Concert Series. Tickets can be picked up beginning on Monday, October 17 at 11 a.m. at the Downtown Information Center located at 25 Broad Street (corner of Exchange Place)


GLENN KOTCHE supports November 5 thru 18, except on November 16 NELS CLINE will support.

source: filter mag

Beasties to release greatest hits

MTV has reported that hip-hoppers the Beastie Boys are to release a best-of compilation album, entitled Solid Gold Hits.

The album, featuring tracks from across their career, is to be released on November 7th, to coincide with the band's 24th anniversary. Yes, 24th.

DiS editor Colin Roberts would like to mention that the Beasties are his favourite band of like, all time EVER and anyone caught dissenting and calling them sell-outs for releasing another compilation will be banned from Drowned in Sound forever. Maybe.

The tracklist for the 15-song album hasn't been officially announced yet, but someone claiming to be Adam Yauch posted the following rundown on the Beastie Boys' official website messageboard:

01 So What Cha Want
02 Brass Monkey
03 Ch-Check It Out
04 No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn
05 Hey Ladies
06 Pass the Mic
07 An Open Letter to NYC
08 Root Down
09 Shake Your Rump
10 Intergalactic
11 Sure Shot
12 Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim remix)
13 Triple Trouble
14 Sabotage
15 Fight for Your Right

* Beastie Boys:

source: drowned - pitchfork

Gorillaz Come to Life!

Fine, we'll cop to it. We never really thought Gorillaz would get this far.
We bobbed our heads to "Clint Eastwood" just like the rest of you, we gave the debut LP just as many spins as it deserved, and we watched their cartoon music videos with as much interest as our indie cred would allow.

But not even the most flamingly optimistic thought they'd be even more popular four years later. Yet here they are, several awards and kajillion-selling album in hand.

However unlikely the heat surrounding these cartoons may be, it doesn't look to be dying down any time soon.

The Manchester International Festival (that's Manchester, England, duh) recently announced a series of Gorillaz live performances entitled "Demon Days Live", in which the group's second album will be performed in its entirety.

The shows will take place across five consecutive nights, on November 1-5 at the Manchester Opera House as part of a series events leading up to the city's inaugural festival in July of 2007. Here we go, yet another thing Manchester has to answer for.

In a change of pace for Gorillaz, "Demon Days Live" will focus on the real-life people behind the band, rather than their cartoon alter-egos. The extravaganza is scheduled to include several (if not all) of the album's guest musicians, with Roots Manuva and the Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder confirmed so far. Of course, mastermind Damon Albarn will be on hand. Given that Demon Days features contributions from MF Doom, Neneh Cherry, Ike Turner, De La Soul, Danger Mouse and Dennis motherfuckin' Hopper, things could get completely crazy.

As previously reported, "Demon Days Live" is only the beginning of the Gorillaz live onslaught. The minds behind the band are currently crafting a world tour, set to begin in 2007, that will feature the animated members in "3D holographic format." If you're not sure what that means, take solace in the fact that we're pretty much clueless, too. Come October, we'll all be more in the know, as Albarn and co. will be offering a sneak peak in London this October. No word yet on whether we'll be seeing any animated groupies.

source: pitchfork - Timothy Najmolhoda's report

The Dandy Warhols announce US tour details

And there's more to 'boot'...

The Dandy Warhols have announced details of a new US tour.

The dates, which celebrate the release of the band's fifth album 'Odditorium Or Warlords Of Mars', will kick off on November 14 in Seattle's Showbox and will wrap up with a pair of gigs in their Portland, Oregon hometown on December 13-14.

John Fluevog Shoes have also announced the launch of 'The Dandy Warhol Boot', which will be included in the shoe company's autumn line.

Co-designed by John Fluevog and singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the leather boot will hit the shops at the end of October.

The Dandy Warhols' US tour will hit:

Seattle Showbox (November 14)
Vancouver Commodore Ballroom (15)
San Francisco The Fillmore (17)
Los Angeles Avalon (18)
San Diego 4th & B (19)
Dallas Gypsy Ballroom (22)
Atlanta Earthlink Live (25)
Carrboro Cat's Cradle (26)
Washington 9:30 Club (27)
New York Webster Hall (29)
Boston Paradise Club (30)
Montreal Le Spectrum (December 2)
Toronto Opera House (3)
Detroit St Andrews Hall (5)
Chicago Metro (6)
Minneapolis First Avenue (7)
Denver Gothic Theatre (9)
Salt Lake City Club Sound (10)
Portland Wonder Ballroom (13-14)

source: nme

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Staind and P.O.D. to tour

Staind and P.O.D. will hit the road beginning November 11th in San Jose, California, for a month-long trek dubbed the Fall Brawl tour. The two multi-platinum hard-rock bands will be joined by Taproot and Flyleaf.

"This tour just makes sense," P.O.D. drummer Wuv says. "We haven't toured together since the Return of the Rock tour [in 2000], and we love Staind. Like us, they've been around for a while, and it's good to see them do well."

Staind have indeed done well this year, as their fifth album, aptly titled Chapter V, debuted at Number One last month.

P.O.D., meanwhile, will be previewing tracks from their Glen Ballard-produced Testify album, which is scheduled to be released in January.

Fall Brawl tour dates (venues to be announced):

11/11: San Jose, CA
11/12: San Bernardino, CA
11/14: Bakersfield, CA
11/15: San Diego
11/17: Tucson, AZ
11/18: Phoenix
11/21: Denver
11/22: Amarillo, TX
11/23: Dallas
11/25: San Antonio
11/26: Corpus Christi, TX
11/27: Houston
12/6: Orlando
12/7: North Myrtle Beach, SC
12/9: Baltimore
12/10: Atlantic City, NJ
12/11: Poughkeepsie, NY
12/13: Springfield, MA

source: rolling stone

Franz Ferdinand's Nod To Kylie

Franz Ferdinand have admitted that they may be subconsciously referring to Kylie Minogue on their current single ‘Do You Want To.’

Frontman Alex Kapranos said the band may have been channelling Kylie when writing the lyrics “Lucky, lucky, lucky.”

But, speaking to xfm, he regrets not parodying the Aussie songstress in the video. He said: "In retrospect we should have referenced Kylie.

“I wish we'd have thought of that when we were doing the video 'cause I'd have liked to have done a scene in the bath with all the bubbles and the silly hat on.”

Franz Ferdinand’s comeback single 'Do You Want To' hits the shelves on Monday (September). Their eagerly-awaited second long-player, ‘You Could Have Had It So Much Better’, follows on October 3.

source: gigwise